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May 20, 2006

You’re every question I’ve asked for
You’re the only answer I’ve searched for.

You’re one of the few I care for,
You’re the only one I pray for.

You’re the only joy I would cry for,
You’re the only truth I would lie for.

You’re everything that I live for,
You’re the only thing I would die for.

There are a million reasons I love you for,
And each one of them is “I love you,for what you are”



Since You’ve gone

May 20, 2006

Since you’ve gone
and distances grew,
I realized I love you
More than I knew.
The rustling dunes
And the oceans blue,
My every breath
Are now images of you.
And though I know
You can’t be around
I look up expectantly
Towards every sound,
Hoping against hope
I search for your face,
Awaiting a miracle
I spend my days.
Although I know
That you can’t be here,
My heart insists,
You are somewhere near……



The Phoenix and the ashes

May 20, 2006

Tell me a story, my heart needs to cry
Give me a pain, for long my eyes have been dry
Bring me a joy, share a smile with me,
open my eyes, tell me there’s much to see.
Light up my world, like the first sun ray
Transforms each night into each new day.
For too long have I slaved under worldly realties,
Within too many limits of human sensibilities.
Break the bonds tying me down, I need to soar high
Feel the freedom of the clouds and embrace the sky.
Set me free, let my fantasies fly,
Let me live a million times,before I die.
Liberate my soul, free my mind,
The questions are many,the answers I need to find
My feelings have been caged now for too long,
Too many times have I sung someone else’s song
Sing with me to the stars and play with the moonbeams,
Take me with you to the realm of dreams.
Too long under a grave of rules have I lain.
Help me to rise, like a phoenix from the ashes again.



Before I leave

May 13, 2006

So much to do, So much to achieve
A whole life to live, before I leave.
A bond to break, a will to run free
A name to write, on the pages of history.
A soul to fly, a secret to unfold
In both my hands, the stars to hold.
A goal to reach, a milestone to set
A love to feel, a friend to get.
Tears to wipe, And smiles to bring
A story to tell, A song to sing.
A game to play, To win a prize
A vision to see, A dream to realize.
A flower to bloom, In warm sunlight,
A silver moon to admire, On a winter night.
An image to create, In the mind’s eye,
A sunset to engrave, On a violet sky.
So much to take, So much to give,
Before I leave, A whole life to live.



Whats infinite?

May 13, 2006


Infinite is the love i feel for you …. I dont know where it stops.

Infinite are the things that I dont say ….I keep them to myself
Infinite are the meanings of all that I say … But dont convey
Infinite are the things I could have done …. but didnt.
Infinite were the possibilities … they still are
Infinite are the promises of tomorrow … Dont know which one will be fulfilled.
Infinite is what has happened.
Infinite is what is is yet to happen

Infinity is me.
Today. Right here. I am infinity