Before I leave

May 13, 2006

So much to do, So much to achieve
A whole life to live, before I leave.
A bond to break, a will to run free
A name to write, on the pages of history.
A soul to fly, a secret to unfold
In both my hands, the stars to hold.
A goal to reach, a milestone to set
A love to feel, a friend to get.
Tears to wipe, And smiles to bring
A story to tell, A song to sing.
A game to play, To win a prize
A vision to see, A dream to realize.
A flower to bloom, In warm sunlight,
A silver moon to admire, On a winter night.
An image to create, In the mind’s eye,
A sunset to engrave, On a violet sky.
So much to take, So much to give,
Before I leave, A whole life to live.




  1. Beautiful poem!

  2. Thank you 🙂

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