The Phoenix and the ashes

May 20, 2006

Tell me a story, my heart needs to cry
Give me a pain, for long my eyes have been dry
Bring me a joy, share a smile with me,
open my eyes, tell me there’s much to see.
Light up my world, like the first sun ray
Transforms each night into each new day.
For too long have I slaved under worldly realties,
Within too many limits of human sensibilities.
Break the bonds tying me down, I need to soar high
Feel the freedom of the clouds and embrace the sky.
Set me free, let my fantasies fly,
Let me live a million times,before I die.
Liberate my soul, free my mind,
The questions are many,the answers I need to find
My feelings have been caged now for too long,
Too many times have I sung someone else’s song
Sing with me to the stars and play with the moonbeams,
Take me with you to the realm of dreams.
Too long under a grave of rules have I lain.
Help me to rise, like a phoenix from the ashes again.




  1. This is the best so far.

  2. super stuff, the melancholy is contagious, makes me want to pen too!

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