May 20, 2006

You’re every question I’ve asked for
You’re the only answer I’ve searched for.

You’re one of the few I care for,
You’re the only one I pray for.

You’re the only joy I would cry for,
You’re the only truth I would lie for.

You’re everything that I live for,
You’re the only thing I would die for.

There are a million reasons I love you for,
And each one of them is “I love you,for what you are”




  1. great!!

    is it your own creation ? or just scribbled it out from somewhere for inspiration ?

  2. Well… incidentally ..its my own 🙂

  3. Nice.

  4. I dont have much knowledge about poems and deep thoughts…but I liked what you wrote. Liked it more the second time I read….keep it going !!

  5. hey very well written.. happened to see ur orkut page.. and saw that u blog.. thot it wud b intersting from blog title.. and i am glad i checked it out…feel free to read my blogs as and whn u get time..

  6. Great discovery of your blog 🙂
    you write well…

    will keep this blog in my radar.

  7. awesome !! simple, but still depicts all the emotions.. keep writing.. 🙂

  8. Thanks a ton ajnabee, shreyas, parag and chocolat, educatedunemployed and sachin 🙂

    really….thanks 😀

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