July 22, 2006

Yesterday I woke up with a smile,
And I hadn’t done that in quite a while,
Scolded the mirror for being a cheat,
When I saw your face and skipped a beat,
I told the day, ‘you are great’
‘Come let’s write a story for my fate’.
Walked into the sun and grinned at the sky
Knew how it felt to be soaring high,
Walked at a distance above the ground
Guarded a secret I knew I had found
Touched a flower on my way out,
Knowing, you would bring spring without a doubt
Out in the sun, I waited for long,
Strained my ears to hear your song
Fell over myself to catch your words,
Before they flew away like stray birds
I waited past the sun’s drowning hour,
Till the darkness could descend no lower
Waited for warmth to come my way,
For the time to come when there’s lots to say
The rains came down, colder that night
I waited for them to put everything right.
But the storm came to carry you away,
And there was nothing that either could say
The black that lasted was longer than ever
Light seemed infinitely farther
All I knew was, truth had to be shed,
A wish had to be killed; a heart had to be bled
A desire had to be rested in a grave
A façade had to be donned that was brave
An age had to pass before winter weaned
Time had to stop, before the ice thinned
An infinite second to go before I smiled again,
A reason for the sky to cry tears of rain



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