Yet another leaf

July 22, 2006

I look up at the stars, night after night;
Twinkling brightly in the dark sky,
And think of the million years,
Those have silently passed by.
Since they first shone,
Nothings ever been the same.
Thousands have gone,
From thousands who came.
Faces who smiled,
And faces who cried,
Souls who came to live,
And unknown, alone died.
I wonder why am I here
To my life, is there a reason…
I know, I am just another leaf
In yet another passing season.
I see only questions here,
Thrown up new by each new day,
Some perched like milestones
Others, just pebbles on the way
How do I matter? Do I count?
Is there a destination, near or far?
When I look up at night, I hope
To find the answers behind a star.



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