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I talk to the sky

August 7, 2006

The morning sun kisses you gently
You wake up so softly, slowly,
Your cheeks blush pink, you glow in gold,
Watching you is seeing a dream unfold.

You light up the world with your sunny smile
Your silky tresses are the clouds fragile
You turn into a goddess in azure blue
That’s when I fall in love, again and again with you.

When behind the ocean hides your beloved sun,
You know it won’t be long before his return
Yet you mope and sulk in deepening twilight
And then you passionately embrace the night.

As night falls you turn into a princess
You glitter in a million sparkling starry gems.
Adorn yourself in a black velvet gown,
The majestic moon set in your crown.

When you release the fury of your anger,
You speak to me through words of thunder.
Your pretty face turns grey, swirling in pain,
Your eyes flash, you cry tears of the rain.

Everyday your beauty and your strength I admire,
You create the wind, the water and the fire.
I wonder within you, what secrets you hold,
Some revealed to me, some never to be told.