20 Random things about myself

December 21, 2006

Got this idea from someone else.. 20 random things about myself. thought I would give it a shot.

1. I love libraries.
Specially the ones that have really old volumes kept in those dusty wooden shelves. The musty old-world smell of those old books, their yellowing delicate pages and the quaint little pictures in them conjure up for me an old world which I have never seen.

2. I love the sun on winter days.
When the rays are just warm and do not burn you, when you can easily look up at the sky and close your eyes and lie down on the grass and just soak in the warmth.

3. I hate cockroaches.
I think they are the worst/dirtest type of creatures arond. I start screaming and jumping if I see one around. Am terribly scared of them.

4. I love Ice-Cream
Terribly fattening.
Yes.I know.Yet irresistable.For me, choosing an ice-cream flavor is one of the most difficult choices in life!

5. I love being alone at home.
When there is no one around. That feeling of total comfort.Total bliss.Solitude.Lying on my back and staring at the fan going around in circles.random thoughts flying around me.

6. I think Tea is not a beverage, it’s a religion
Not my original line.Read it on someone’s profile.Loved it.Agreed with it.No Tea, No Me.

7. I love to walk.
Walking through the old buildinngs of south mumbai. Walking on the beach with the sand flirting with my toes. Walking on marine drive, soaking in the sweep of the sky and the neon lights.Walking through grass on rain drenched hillsides.

8.I loved “God of small things”.
Most people I know could not stand it. The descriptions didnt end. The language was twisted. The examples were unthinkable. Those were their complaints. Those were my reasons to love the book.

9. “But strangers we were then, we stood for five long seconds and held the stare, while all the parallel worlds, all the parallel lives that might have been and never would be,whirled around us”
This line sent me into raptures. Can you guess which book?

10.I wish I could paint really well.I wish I could use colours to say what I want. Brush Strokes would be conversation. Canvas would be life.

11. But then there were so many things I could have been.This might sound funny. But I wish I was a writer, a music writer, an architect, a sculptor,a dancer, singer, could play tennis, etc . Maybe I should try!

12. I am very surprised when people ask me, Do you know where you are headed to?Does anyone?I have no clue. Absolutely none. Do you?

13. Three things I want to see.
The Pyramids. The Great Barrier Reef. The Louvre.

14. I am a total Fish-terian.Anything Fish is a great meal.
Actually if I think about it..anything (excpet veggies!) is a good meal.

15. My digicam has become an extension of my hand.
Where I go, my digi goes. I love taking pictures. The favoured object of my digital affection is the sky. Have you ever seen anything as versatile as the sky?I paint different pictures for you:When the sun goes beyond grey clouds have you ever seen the way the edges of the clouds are set afire?When the sun is dipping at the horizon have you observed the way the coulours change from Bright yellow to gold to flaming orange to a mellow scarlet to deep crimson?I could go on…

16. I crib. like crazy. Its fun sometimes. Crib Crib Crib like old man Scroogie.Its quite therapeutic.

17. I think “You are weird” is a compliment.

18. I cannot tolerate people who ask too many questions. Some just dont know when to stop asking. I have no qualms about telling them to shut up.In that language.

19. I love Blue.
Blue is my favourite colour. I default tend to pick up stuff in blue when I go out.Most of my clothes are blue.My bag is blue.I write with only blue pens.I am thinking of getting blue streaks in my hair.Wherever colour choices are involved, blue always wins.

20. Today, I promise myself at least one blog post every month. Its a cool thing.


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  1. Where are those lines from?

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