Back to Unreality

December 21, 2006

The wind lashed against my face. A yellow neon blur dimmed and brightened alternately outside the metal frame of the window. The long forgotten yet familiar drone of vehicle honks, piled up traffic on a busy street and cars whizzing by stirred distant memories.
The brightly lit up signboards, familiar signs,known names and faint recollections of memories associated with each of them flew past me.

Three years.Thats the amount of time,after which I met her.Her a smile hadn’t changed much.Still the lost funny look in her eyes.Still the loud hearty laugh.But it was a different person.Gone were the prejudices and strong opinions about whats right and whats wrong.These were replaced by an acceptance of other people’s lifestyles,ideas,outlooks.An acceptance that even though someone does not agree with your views, they are not wrong.

Its ironic.
Ten minutes is the road distance between the six of us.It took three years and three days of her coming back for the rest of us to meet each other.Funny how we so completely ignore those that are close till they leave.Once they are not with us,we keep hoping they will be back someday.It takes someone to come back from across seven seas to culminate into I meeting someone who stays a stones throw away.

But guess thats facts.Thats reality.Her coming back,meeting them for dinner and then the much loved customary drive through the well known lanes of our homes before we aid good-bye… I loved every minute of being back to the Unreality where i belong,where I lived and wherein my past sleeps.


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