Packaged Noodles and Promises

December 21, 2006

He said “Everything comes with an expiry date”. The list of things went something like this –

Airplane Tickets, Chocolates, Emotions, Chicken,Love, Promises, Attachments, Grenades, Friendship, Packaged Noodles, Prepaid cards, Smiles, Medicine Pills, Marriages, Car engines, People.

It struck me at that moment as…as what?
True? Unacceptable? True but unacceptable. True, unacceptable and ruthless.
Then if you spend sometime to think about it…its probably True and Ruthless and if you are able to Accept it then Comforting.


I still haven’t been able to accept it. So the thought continues to be disturbing. Haunts me. In a way sort of goes against everything I have been taught. Everything that has been ingrained into my psyche.

I know its not something that I can accept and truly believe overnight.
Like lies.
Those are easy.
We believe them either because we really mistakenly think they are true or because its just easier to believe them than actually face and stand up to the truth.


One comment

  1. This nature work on the priciple of “Anichya”…nothing is permanenet. Thats the universal truth

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