Parallel Universes

December 21, 2006

Monday morning!
She moves out of the door. Looks at the Sky and smiles to herself thinking it’s beautiful. Grey swirls in the sky promise another day of cooling rains.
She switches on the fm radio, plugs it into her ears and walks to the bus stop. She loves that five minute walk. It’s her time to herself.
The train is crowded today as usual. She can feel the enthusiasm in the air, see it on people’s faces. It’s a new day. Another bright morning.
The train starts. She stands at the door. Soaks in the stray drops from the sky. Feels the wind in her hair. Pulls the band from them and leaves them open to fly in the breeze.
Suddenly the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and she catches a few warm sunrays after so long. They feel so familiar. So desirable. She misses them in the monsoon.
The train stops at Churchgate station. She steps down from the train and heads for the coffee stall. She loves the aroma of the coffee in the morning. It isn’t exactly great coffee, but just the thought of fresh hot coffee is enough to make her feel happy.
Coffee cup in hand, she walks out of the station and steps onto the wet street. Looks at the long line of people waiting in the cab line to be taken to Nariman point. Most of them sulking.
She laughs out aloud and in her mind thanks the cabbies for making all those people wait. This has given her the perfect excuse to walk to her office. “Sorry ..I couldn’t do much. There was a long line and no cabs, so I decided to walk to office.”
She takes the marine drive route, walking on the wet cobbled footpath she lazily ruffles her own hair, hums a ditty that’s playing in her mind since the moment she woke up and generally smiles at nothing in particular.
That extra spring in the step, that tiny hint of a smile on her face, that warm glow inside her suggest that she is determined to be happy today.
Just as she crosses the road she bumps into him. “I am so Sorry” she says. And smiles at him. Helps him with his fallen papers…and continues on her early morning jaunt through the city.
As he sees her leave he thinks..”Damn! What a stupid woman!” Women are always stupid.
Specially that type.
Who smile. At strangers. On a Monday morning, who smiles like that?
Everthing seems to be going wrong!
Thank god the babe didnt push him over the sidewalk!He could have been killed!As if walking for so long on the stupid slushy road and the irritating wind spoiling his hair isnt enough.
I mean….what the hell…the damn line for the cab was long! Stupid people of mumbai.Why the hell does everyone work in Nariman point? Coz of them now, he had to walk..getting into a cab would have taken another 20 minutes.
God knows where all the cabbies are?
And before that that hellish station!What a dump! With all the crowds and the stink and the throngs at the stall!How the hell can people drink and eat all that stuff they sell at the railway stalls!yuck!
And the railway ride to work!Oh god!What a disaster! There was no seat available. So he had to stand at the door! What a mess!Stupid rain. Wetting his clothes. Ruining his hair.And when the train is fast, you cant do much about it!
And that damn sun! Why does the morning sunlight have to be so harsh, even if for a minute or two? Randomly shining into his eyes and blinding him. I dont need the sun and I dont need the Clouds and the rain. Why cant there be just the sky?
Specially in the mornings.
What a day!
Moreover because that five minute walk to the bus stop had ruined his trousers. The puddles on the road from the damn rain through the night leaves so much muck on the road and the skies so grey..its depressing!
Monday morning!


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