That Airport feeling

December 21, 2006

I felt it for the first time when my little Ap left.
Crying. Eyes puffed. Red.
Those puffed red eyes on a white pale face.
That face which always used to laugh. Only that evening, the laugh had left its home.

The neon lights outside the airport glared at me angrily. At all of us. A bunch of little people, sad because a person we loved was going away.To a larger world, to a wider future.To an unknown horizon called New York.Maybe to return Maybe to not.
Crying.Eyes puffed.Red.

And then again when AK left.
Our funny appu with the-prince-of-my-heart dreams.The girl with the linda-goodman book.The girl who would not travel alone to vile parle from juhu, was going to New Jersey.Alone.
Mom Crying.Dad Crying.Cousin Crying.
Soon the friends crying too. With that Airport feeling down in the base of our stomach.

And then again when BA left.To Australia.Only this time we didnt cry.
But that Airport feeling was lodged right there. Deep down there.

And then RV. Our “Uncle-Happ- Holi-Your-Wife-is-very-bholi” shouting RV.He who spoke so fast that we never understood what he said. Flew off.Just like that. To beautiful beaches and sunny lands in Mauritius.To working away from family and friends and not to return for three years. To somewhere else.
Again – That Airport Feeling

HD.When he left,everyone cried.Everyone.
The beautiful ones with the make up on.Not waterproof.The mascara ran down.The carefully applied compact streamed away. But the tears could not stop.
The guys with the tough image.Laughin and Dancing one minute and crying away the next.Break down.
Each one with his and her own version of that Airport feeling.
Canada was no longer cool.

Those huge airplanes.They take them all away.Somewhere.To a larger promise, I think.
To distant visions.To newer worlds.

All that remains with me is that Airport Feeling.


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