The Star Shined

January 10, 2007

Dont remember the exact date, time when it happened or where it happened. When the Star shined.

But when it did, it was like a tornado blowing into my face.
Out of nowhere. Out of everywhere.
That bottomless-bottomful feeling.

That voice which started humming inside. The hums ascended into screams which steadily increased in pitch till I could take it no longer. Louder with every day. The dead weight inside me increased. By the hour.

The voices remain there. Hidden from all ears.No one can listen to them.But in the still of the night when the outside world shuts itself out of my immediate conciousness, when the shield of blaring horns, loud music and commuting traffic breaks, when my carefully contructed invisible barrier from the day falls into pieces and I try desperately to block them out, they strike at me angrily.Lash out across the dark night and pierce my memories. I stumble a bit, my thinking’s jammed and the old dreams recur.

The next day I plunge back into the Masquerade.


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