Voices in the head

January 10, 2007


A time when there is just me.
Just me and my thoughts.

There….. I just destroyed the whole idea….Me AND My Thoughts.

Flying all around.Enveloping me in their conflict.Colliding with each other. Always.
Forming little black spots in the recesses of my mind, that I cannot fathom.
Occupying my brain. My space.

Duties colliding with Desires. Logic bursting into Dreams. Constraints latching themselves onto Ideas. Wrongs corrupting Rights.Opinions overriding feelings.

Not all of these are mine.Half of them are.The other half are not.

And the world goes on.All around me.With it’s black spots.With it’s collisions.With it’s conflicts.Accepting them.Living with them.Sleeping with them.Not asking them about their existence.Not wondering why should these happen.Creating walking bodies.Not living people.

But thats not my concern.People can become Bodies if they choose to.Yes..they choose it.
My concern is those black spots.In my mind.Someday I will understand them.When I do, they will cease to exist.


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