If only I was mad enough

January 13, 2007

If only I was mad enough….

I would stand by the sea and scream and scream and scream till I got all the pent up screaming out of me.

I would run. Run run run till I dropped on the wet grass and then sleep there with my face turned up to the stars.

I would tell you how much I loved you.And how much I wish I could see your face before I see anything else, when I wake up each morning.

I would pack my bag, take my money and set off ..to where the roads take me.

I would go up to strangers and spend hours talking to perfectly unknown people about their lives.

I would get stoned and float in space for months.



  1. hmm i totally agree with u on screaming, running, sleeping under the stars, walking aimlessly, tlking to strangers.

    just dont agree with the stoning part 🙂

    id rather be just plain mad and enjoy reality than float abt in a space created by my mind.

    dont u think it wuld be much better to be mad and do all the things u mentioned rather than waste time in virtual entertainment?

  2. Getting stoned is also a part of being mad isnt it?

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