Friday Luck

January 14, 2007

Usually people run out of luck. Yesterday for the first time, my luck ran in!!!

After a long tiring evening of shopping for a couple of impending weddings (not mine thankfully!I shudder to think of the shopping I will have to do, if and when I get married…urgh!), we headed out to TGIF.


His bright idea. I played along. I love the place. Specially the Chicken Veracruz.Yumm

So we got to TGIF, he had his Mozarella and I had my Spicy Chicken Fingers. Incidentally, both of us are off alcohol and were staring wistfully at the next table where these two happy women were busy polishing off Martinis and Margheritas. So while these happy people around us enjoyed TGIF’s liquor, we made do with good old H2O.
Watched a couple of matches, Rooney getting a Yellow Card, Ronaldo scoring well (which according to him was the most interesting part of the game), and other handsome sexy men running about the field (thats obviously the part that I found most interesting) and then asked for the bill.

And thats when fate decided to do a U turn on me!
The waiter came back with the bill that we had paid and announced that we had just earned ourselves a voucher of five hundred to be redeemed during the next TGIF visit!Every seventh bill wins this and we were among the lucky multiples of seven.

Now that might not be such a big novelty for everone, but for someone who has never won a housie game, never won a lottery, never won at musical chairs or at any of those silly party games, never won a flash deal, never won free tickets,never won any of those events where you need even a little bit of luck, this was a big thing!

SO how did we celebrate?I emptied the bottle of water into our glasses and went bottoms up on H2O !That was the craziest moment of the evening.Was I excited or what?

Its only later tht I realised, damn..its not my good luck that has suddenly run in. Its probably his.For a person who naturally wins all the contests, this was just another one.

But then who cares?I was there too, at that table.So I can safely claim to be half the contributor to the luck 😉

Here’s to TGIF and their lucky number seven! Cheers


One comment

  1. my luck has run out in 2 double oh 7…

    that one was definitely yours… lets go back to TGIF before i travel (if at all)…

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