A little more love

January 19, 2007

One of my posts elicited a longish response

followed by….

He: So what do you think?
She: I love you for this
He: I know.
She: Of course you do.
He: Do did you like my view about it?
She: Am deciding.
He: About the last statement or the entire comment?
She: Both.
He: To be true to my views, I’ll say that I mean it :0)
She: I never doubted that.
He: I meant about the last statement.
She: I was also talking about the last statement.
He: Hahahaha, good! Our frequency tuning is flawless.
She: Does that put me higher up in the race for your preference among all the loevelies?
He: You are the only one baby. Priority zero is assigned to you.Rest of the list is empty.
She:Liar. I thought you said universal pronoun.I prefer the plush leather couch.


One comment

  1. he:my universe revolves around you. and i also prefer the plush leather couch.. with u on it 😛

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