The second Two Types.

January 22, 2007

Following up on my segmentation of people.

The second “Two types of people” are
Those who give directions and those who confuse.

Consider this.

“Haan…Dekh,tu jis road pe hai…vahan se seedhe.Keep going straight till you reach “gol chakkar” (yes..people in Delhi actually say that!).Then take that turn and after 200 meters you will see a Black Label hoarding.
Bas vahan se u turn le le and then after 100 mts take the left turn.then take immediate right and then you will see mother dairy. Take the right…go straight.. no no..wait…
I think you should come from the other way.

After the first gol chakkar (snigger snigger) and the turn, stop after 50 mts.you will not reach the Black Label Hoarding. Take a turn before the hoarding. U will not be able to see the hoarding from the turn. Take a left from there.(huh!!dude!).
Then go about 200 mts and take the right. Immediately you will see The medicine shoppe. Take that right. Vahan par gate hai. There a guard will be standing (Yes correct. Thats The landmark I was trying to find.So if the guard has gone to pee, it’s not the right gate?).

Get into the gate and then go straight till you dont see anything in front (Ok.thats innovative!!).
Bas vahan se, take the left then left again and then right. Last but one building on your left. (again, how will I know unless I go to the last building?)

Any guesses which category of people this is?



  1. Your category only!!!!

    This only happens with ya…

  2. hehe…. yeah .I only happen to meet all the weirdos of the world.

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