Who won?

January 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary darling
I didnt expect you would remember!
I didnt expect you would forget.
Met your expectations..didnt I?
I knew you would.
You didnt meet mine though!
Aren’t you glad I didnt?
I am!
I know.
So how did you remember?
Just put it down in my diary.. a long time back.
Really? Like how long?
Really. Like the first time we met.
You knew then, that we would celebrate an anniversary together?
Honestly, no.
Then why did you write it down?
I would rather take a chance and not regret it than regret not taking a chance.
I am glad you took the chance… or wait a minute..you didnt!
Either ways.. I won didnt I?
No. I did.



  1. So occasionally both parties win in the love-game? Since you say so, I’ll believe it. Nice conversation, nice post.

  2. 🙂 thank you again mam.
    Occasionally yes. But very occasionally 🙂
    And you dont have to believe it coz I say so.

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