Analyse this

January 26, 2007

Everyone around me is doing some analysis.

I do analysis, day in and day out.
The people who read it, further do their own analysis based on my analysis.
I say I am doing market research.
Right now working on a piece of “category analysis”

She does her analysis.
She says she reads reports from the internet (obviously ones thrown up by google searches) and collates them to do her own analysis.
Obviously people who make these reports in the first place, get the information from other publications to which they give credit.
She says she is doing “sector analysis”.

His job description is “Business Analyst”
Needless to say, he also does analysis.
Relying on Client’d analysis of their own requirements, he further analyses them to tell them what they want.
He says its “Requirements analysis”.

He says, he is doing “Equity Research”
I analyse the equity markets.
Hmm….very good.

I, just wonder if all of us here are doing Analyses, is anyone finally using them?



  1. I wonder too and then I reconcile, remembering that someone’s definitely buying them.

  2. *Ideasmith – Never figured out for what though 🙂

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