I believe you.

February 1, 2007

Sometimes I need you.
You dont.
Thats true.Actually, its this way. Sometimes I feel I should need you.
But you change your mind.
Because you are afraid to.
Yes, because I am afraid to.
I respect that fear.
I nurture that fear.
Because I need it to keep from needing you.
But you want me.
I have always. Will continue to.
I have wanted you too. Always.
I know.
You know that I sometimes need you.
You do?
Actually no.
Then why did you say that?
I lied.
You believe your lie?
I do.
You are trying to.
Just as you are trying to believe your fear.



  1. reminded me of conversations in ayn rand books 🙂

  2. lol…. thats quite a compliment.
    Not sure you meant it that way… but I take it that way.

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