Beautiful Stranger

February 2, 2007

I suddenly re-discovered my love for the song this morning.
And as it happens with me quite a few times (when I re-discover my love), I played it about 5 times since I woke up this morning.

I’ll take my chance on a beautiful stranger

And why it suddenly struck a chord is because this morning I realized how much all those beautiful strangers that I took a chance helped me become me.

I looked into your eyes and my world came tumbling down
On that August morning a few years back.
I saw him sitting in that corner absorbed in his regular newspaper. Something about the tilt of the head while you scanned the paper, the careless way in which his bag lay on the chair next to him, made me smile at him. I smiled at my beautiful stranger and made a friend for life.

I looked into your face, my heart was dancing all over the place
On that rainy afternoon in August long years back.
He walked into the room, came to where we were sitting and said “ Hi. I have been told I will be joining your team.”
That honest straightforward introduction to his world, the way he offered to help me that same afternoon, and the following beautiful days of long hours of hard work for an upcoming college festival bound me to my beautiful stranger forever.

To know you is to love you
Like I have loved him for as long as I have known him. Through all those relationships, those loves, those friendships, those career plans, those fights, those whacked out moments, those laughs, those smiles, those dinners and those lunches, my beautiful stranger is loved, wherever I go.

If I’m smart then I’ll run away But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay.
I should have. Run Away. A long time back. But I didn’t. I stayed. Only to be changed forever by my beautiful stranger.

I’d like to change my point of view if I could just forget about you
If I didn’t know him, if I didn’t know he existed, I would not believe such a love can exist. I would have changed my point of view, if I didn’t know you.

I took my chances on my beautiful strangers.
I have a way of winning my chances though I’m the devil in disguise, That’s why I’m singing this song


One comment

  1. I love this song too! And I can so much identify with….ah, all these beautiful strangers!

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