Coming back to life

February 8, 2007

Just back from the most exhilarating two hours in a long time. As Pink Floyd once put it.. it was like Coming Back to Life.Quite a turnout. Two of us planned it. Sent text messages to six other people. Fifteen turned up.
Two hours of going back in time, looking at the faces etched on my heart, listening to the voices that form a part of my soul.
It didn’t matter what they said. It didn’t matter what they did. It didn’t matter that I barely spoke more than six words to quite a few of them and exchanged about twenty sentences each with a few of the others. All that mattered, at that point and at that place was that they were there, right besides me.
Al looked gorgeous as usual. She had to. She always does. After all she is the new bride. And when they looked at each other with all that love glowing on their faces, it just made me want to freeze that moment in time and stop the world from turning any more. And every minute of being in her scintillating company reminds me of every thing that we have shared and all the moments yet to come in our combined lives.
Warm hugs from An, Te, Sa and Ro have always been the best part of meeting these wonderful guys. That touch of their hands, in that one brief second of physical contact, took away all these months that I had spent not bothering to keep in touch with them. Now of course I felt bad about that. Of course I promised myself I would not do that again. Knowing very well that tomorrow when I wake up, I will go back to the life I have been a part of for the last few months and make the same promise to myself the next time we meet.
Ta, As, Ka and Ma, I meet a little more that the others. But a little more is so not enough! Looking back at everything we have shared and every thing that we have gone through, together and sometimes not so together – I know that I love these women more than I will ever love anybody. The laughter still echoes in my heart, and I ache with the love that I have for them. Even if we meet ever so rarely, when we make the time out from everything else, all that remains is those smiles, those embraces and those moments that make me love them so much.
Scattered all over the coffee shop staircase and about three tables, the continuous laughter, screaming, camera flashes, surprised expressions, random punches, huddled conversations, shared secrets, honest smiles and of course lots of caramel, coffee, granitas and cake have suddenly given me a reason to be happy.
Jo, I am happy that you are the guy in Al’s life. And though we have met cumulatively for less that thirty minutes, i trust you to keep my Al happy.
Love you Al. Wish you both a very very happy married life. We will meet again soon Al. Miss you till then.



  1. Awwwwww……u made me cry..will count days till the next coffee meet..probabaly in EU 🙂

  2. hey u..

    although we have “met” maybe for a total of few hrs only.. i feel like i have known u for longer.. through all those blogs maybe 🙂

    and i too felt the connection all of you shared that night. and am glad that all of you will always have this as an integral part of your life no matter what.

    a picture paints a 1000 words. so posting the video link here too for all of u to cherish.


    have fun, live life, and wait for the next meet 🙂

  3. ole friends and floyd…can we ask for more? lol

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