February 10, 2007

Dont be so nice to me all the time that I start avoiding you, to save myself the guilt of not reciprocating the same niceness.



  1. That’s really painful but if someone did say that to me, I’d tell them “You be yourself and I’ll be me. Let us not try to become each other.”

  2. But its just how You and I are and we are not trying to be each other at all.If we did, we would not part.
    I being I, cannot take anything without reciprocating in the same way and you being you will continue giving in the same way irrespective of whether you get it back or not.
    Then what do I do?

  3. which is when, we start wearing a mask

  4. Profound!

  5. u r again making the folly of assuming the person actually expects u to reciprocate.

    some people dont expect reciprocation of any kind. then why the guilt?

  6. Hmm… maybe thats true. Maybe its a difficult-to-accept thougt for me because this is me.

  7. another thought on this:

    people r nice to u bcoz they r usually just nice. by ur asking them to not be nice to u, u are asking them to not be themselves. they will not stop being nice, they will just become indifferent.

    i wonder which is better. to have people who r nice to u? or to have people who r indifferent to u?

    think abt it 🙂

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