By Myself

February 15, 2007

I lean against the cool marble sill,
Watching it change colours in the deepening twilight.
by the window, high up above the darkening city
soaking in the chill of the evening breeze
seeing the red sun setting behind the dusty mountains.
The warm taste of latte filling my senses and Bakers Street playing behind me,
I pull my warm rug a little closer, but still stand in the window.
I look out in satisfaction and an inerasable tinge of pride,
At the lovely house behind me that I call home.
My home.
And I look outside the window knowing that this evening is mine.
And that everything here is mine.
Everything I wanted is mine.


And beautiful as the evening is today, the only thing that could make it perfect is not here.
That little bit of you.



  1. ah yes, i see u have enjoyed an evening by yourself. perhaps now i can say.. now u know why i like going away to faraway places for 10 days at a stretch without company.

    except for the last bit.

    i dont miss anybody anymore. i think tht part of me died sometime ago.

  2. Maybe you dont miss anyone right now.
    But I am not sure that the part of you that wants to miss someone on lonely evenings is dead yet.
    Maybe you do…

  3. no thts wht i am trying to tell u. on such days, i am more than content with the peace and quiet around me!!!
    surprisingly.. i think abt no one, not even friends.

  4. You did not have to mention the last 2 lines. The sarcasm is very evident.
    The metaphors for loneliness that you have used are brilliant. Amazing stuff..

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