That time of the year

February 21, 2007


Once again, its that time of the year,
Revv yourself up into fun’s fifth gear,
get your hats and whistles for the party
time to let yourself lose your sanity
A week to go, to grab the chance
Go ahead and prepare for the dance,
Gifts to buy and decorate them too,
and if I like them, I might thank you too.
Maybe get drunk and get high,
Celebrate with me once before I fly
Gorge on the cake and sing away
You are invited to celebrate someonearbit’s birthday.

(Vanity is a gift I have decided to give myself this february. So stop smirking)



  1. its ur bday today? hmmmmmmm oh yeah i remember asking u to postpone it.. apparently u havent.

  2. LOL….I sooo lurve your style, gurl! You rock.

  3. ahem grab the chance? really? cna i?

  4. * Fat kat – Read carefully my dear fat friend – its in a week’s time. 🙂 and to hell with your suggestion. Why should I postpone my bday?
    And yes you can try grabbing that chance. But remember..its dancing. I kind of faintly remeber you standing in one corner of a rocking dance floor staring around you with a bewildered expression ….do you?

    * Thanks Ideasmith. 🙂 You are invited..you know that right?

  5. Someones birthday is coming near
    Everyone invited is oh so dear
    Cheers to you with many pints of beer
    Come on everybody say it aloud for her to hear


    Made it up OTSE…
    Have a rocking birthday dear! And dont forget ur time starts now…hair/Care a damn/ S—bl- 😉 ON THE LOOKOUT!!!!!!!

  6. ahem i do remember tht awful night when i was subjected to dancing by u.

    no thank yu. i think i will pass.

    u shuld postpone ur bday. to hell with ur hell with my suggestion.
    i know tht doesnt make sense. but then when did i ever make sense.

    i am very happy today… yipppieeeeeeee
    and no its not bcoz its bday 😛

  7. happy belated/in advance budday 🙂

  8. Lol!Happiiee Birthday!

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