March 5, 2007


The cover said “Don’t Panic”. I didnt. I had suspected that the series would have an effect on me – symptoms of which would be blabbering incoherently about intergalactic travelers and strange large pink winged insects. And also dreaming about becoming a two headed president of the galaxy and believing that hob-nobbing with a maniacally depressed robot would show me the ultimate meaning of life. But I didnt Panic. I didn’t realize that I had become this fluent at talking the Ford Prefect talk. That too at 2.15 a.m. in the morning.

Me: hey
He: whts up
Me: not much
He: thought so. u never sound intelligent at this hour
Me: i don’t think that’s specific to this hour
its specific to u.. u just elicit those responses in me.. u compel me to talk to u in your own language. u have that sheer power to get me doing what u do all the time
He: alas its not the power to make u do wht i want u to do
Me: thank the flaberfasters for that
He: now didn’t remind me of them. already had a fit of laughter at their expense in the morning didn’t i
Me: why? they remind u of the terrible gastrongermitical flagentypfors?
He: no no. over beer me and my co-conspirator were sniggering abt our feat. We let those morons reach their destination
poor sods.
serves them right when they meet the slartiblasters. Hahahahahaha (his wicked plan laughter)
Me: yeah..they are gonna be slaughtered. probably put in to the vortex beater
He: sad lot anyways. Ok..chk out this link.
Me: what is it? cant figure out. strawberry? too less light
He: duh open your eyes sweetheart. It is a strawberry re!!!
Me: oh.. i thought it was marvin’s brain
Me: thats on Galathea no? I remember seeeing this scene there last Grasday
FYI wednesdays on Galathea are knows as Grasdays
He: naaa, taken today
Me: but which planet?
He: dont remember. just was passing by
Me: aaaahh. its very beautiful. Can I use it as my wallpaper on the screen of my intergalactic travel fizzbuzzer. most of the time..all I get to see is boring stars everywhere
He: ah! well my drive got spoilt. Too much gravitic attraction. always just barely managed to skim by planets
Me: very sweet
He: gnite hun. me off
Me: nightie piety fightie sightie.
offie foffie..goffiee coffee
tumtum tumtum
He: u forgot tweedle dee tweedle dum
Me: no..
He: yes u did
Me: I fought with tweedle today. I don’t wanta sing her name. She refused to believe me when I told her I bought my fluggerfust vortex from the flea market in margathea for 44 knutsicks. She says I am lying
He: i agree
Me: she insists its for 65
He: u r crapping. ppuuhhh
Me: i told u ..u elicit that response in me…compel me to do what u do all the time
He: Indeed. Good night.
Me: Night. Bye



  1. My first reaction was the now famos, “huh??”…. after having reread it, I can honestly say I got it. No wait. Yeah I did. No.. Umm… Errr…
    hehehehe! Funny!

  2. Hah.. anyone who claims to have got it.. Puuhhhhhhh

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