Identity Crisis

March 6, 2007

Having a complicated name can land you in funny situations. And with an Identity Crisis mostly.

Someone in my team is called Delzad Billimoria. D-E-L-Z-A-D. Pronounced just like that – D-E-L-Z-A-D.

But through his life he has been called by about twenty-eight different names.
For the first month after he joined my team, I used to call him Delnaz. (err…that’s a girls name). He very patiently even used to answer me. Once when I quizzed him about it, he said it didn’t bother him anymore.
“Anymore???” I asked.
“Yeah”, he said.”I have been called Delnaz all my life. I am used to it.”

Once someone stood at the other end of office and called him very loudly “DILSHAAD!!”
We of course burst out laughin.

For the first one month, T used to say “Can you please call him”. Then I would ask Delzad to speak to T. That’s because she was never sure what his name was!

Once he received a parcel in the courier addressed to “DILBAAZ BILLYMORIYA.”

The icing on the cake was the following episode.
The first time Delzad and his new client were speaking on the phone and Delzad started by saying “Hi. I am Delzad from ACNielsen”. Then they went on to discuss some project for about twenty minutes.
After they hung up, Delzad sms-ed his cell number to the client. He ended the sms with “Delzad”. In a few minutes he got a call from the same client. The conversation that followed had us laughing continuously for the next two days.

C (hurriedly): hi. Who is this?
D (Calmly): Its me. Delzad.
C (Impatiently): Who Delzad?
D (Calmly): We just spoke.
C (Impatiently): No we didn’t!
D (Calmly): Yes we did. For twenty minutes. We just discussed the xyz project.
C: (Incredulously). I discussed it with someone. But it was not you.
D: (Calmly): Yes it was me! DELZAD from ACNIELSEN?
C: (Sheepishly): Oh! Your name is Delzad? I thought it was NELSON.

Some identity crisis this is!


One comment

  1. Hhahahaha!!My sympathies with the guy… but hey, a rose by any other name……

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