March 7, 2007

Everyday I – Wiseling
Everyday II – Revealed

Everyday III

They watched him nervously clutching his cup, stealing glances at her. Seemingly oblivious to his attention, she puffed away elegantly. Then as he walked towards her she stiffened but relaxed as he walked past. A look of disappointment flickered on her face for an instance.

“ Damn! The coward!”
They exchanged the dollar. Everyday.

Everyday IV – Confused and Baffled

Everyday V

Faintly amused, she looked at him stride towards her.

She knew the routine.
Last minute loss of confidence, an unnecessary trip to the bar, the dollar being exchanged. Everyday.

So she was startled at “You are Jesse’s friend?”
“Can you help me find her?”
She slumped back..

They didn’t exchange the dollar that day.

To read the entire series click here



  1. very nice…

  2. Oh, but I love it!!! Adore it, really!
    Why aren’t you in our blog?

  3. Do they take turns as to who’s on which side? Cos otherwise they wouldn’t exchange the dollar! Sorry, just saying.

  4. *Revealed – Actually the end is open for your interpretation 🙂
    If its just one of the fellows betting everyday on him going and talking to her -He sees the turmoil inside him and her. He knows that it will happen, just not when.

    If its both of them betting on both sides alternately- they both see the possibility of him summoning up the courage to talk to her. Then its either one’s luck – on whose betting day he actually does it.

    Do you agree?

  5. why dont i see you on the 55 blog? 😦
    oh.. and i really like your take on this 🙂

  6. just for the record – I had not realised the possibilities in what I had written
    This evening I showed it to a friend of mine…who explained that this was possible.

    ;).. not in the habit of taking credit, am I?

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