Hot and Cold

April 17, 2007

Its strange, how everything seems so much more attractive when you realise that you don’t know when or if at all you are going to see it again.

Reminded me of a verse I read somewhere a long time back.

Man is a funny animal or what!
Wanting it hot when it’s cold and wanting it cold when it’s hot.
Always wanting what is not.

Wonder if the hot and the cold will numb me out so much that I forget how it feels to want.


One comment

  1. we feel intensely, are damaged by the hands of time and the grasp of fate,
    we block it out and become numb. . .
    when we start feeling again…
    and sometimes we wish we didn’t remember what its like to feel.

    i sometimes ask myself…
    Is it forgetting to want?
    or not wanting to feel…

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