May 1, 2007

A few things about Alcohol.


– There is this whole excitement drinking alcohol. Sometimes the anticipation of the evening lasts longer than the evening itself.
– Before you start, it’s difficult to decide what type of Alcohol you are going to have. Should today be Vodka or Gin or Rum? (I am not talking of the only-Scotch drinkers here)
– The start of the alcohol-spree is always so good…. But you never know about the end.
– Alcohol makes you feel warm inside.
– Alcohol can make you walk two inches above the ground.
– Going slow on the alcohol helps – leaves you capable of enjoying the high.
– Mix alcohol/have different drinks in the same evening and suffer.
– You might end up doing things that might really look stupid once the alcohol is out of your system.
– Alcohol turns every man and every woman into a Philosopher.
– Alcohol Hangovers can be killing. Sometimes tablets don’t help.
– After every hangover, you vehemently promise yourself that you will not do this again,not have so much alcohol so soon, knowing fully well that you are going to break that promise, very soon.
– You make several attempts to quit alcohol. They seldom work.
– There is always an occasion to have some more alcohol.

Now substitute the word ‘Alcohol’ with ‘Love’ in the above paragraph and it will still make sense.

The only difference is… Alcohol Hangovers last only for a day.



  1. How true! and what an apt metaphor

  2. saali bewdi philosopher [:P]

  3. Love hurts. Love leaves a lot of pain & alcohol soothes the hurt. Drowns the pain. Alcohol is better than love anyday. Atleast it doesn’t leave you and go if you dont want it to.

  4. * Shreyasi – Thanks 🙂

    * Someone (He) – Look who is talking! Mister, let me remind of all your drunk Soliloquys. 😉

    * Shubhojit – Alcohol doesnt drown the pain. I guess it just numbs you for sometime. Pointless, if you ask me.
    But yeah..Alcohol doesnt run away. I agree 🙂

  5. Ah, but alcohol hurts too, if only for a day. And yet alcohol only soothes for a day. Love can hurt for years, but find me an alcohol that lasts as long as a good marriage. In the end, they both have their ups and downs.

  6. two. Lose weight – this assists several people, but not every person given
    that you will find thin people that snore.
    If you’ve not too long ago gained weight and noticed
    you’ve started snoring, losing the added pounds may be your remedy, specially in thhe
    event thee weight is around your neck.

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