Labour Day

May 1, 2007

Today is Labour day.As a member of the overpaid-underworked labour class I demand a holiday.
Is anyone listening?

* ———- *

Everyone is asking me “How is work?”
I reply “Its great! Coz it’s not there.”

* ———- *
She is celebrating “I-hate-university-papers-day” today. Amen to that babe.
Studying for University papers is also a kind of labour. I would have celebrated too with you some years back.



  1. wow…unfortuantely there is a sizable percentage of the over-worked underpaid labour class that is working today 😦
    Hail the Motherland…

  2. I am working too..anybody listening?

  3. Whats the big deal. I also worked on Labour Day. And I consider myself eternally underpaid 🙂

  4. * Dreamy – Hail the labour class, Hail the holidays we dont get and Hail the general universe.

    * Shreyasi – Shout a little louder. Maybe they will.

    * Shubhojit – 98.75% of the world feels the same. Dont worry my child, you are not alone.

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