May 2, 2007

Moving to a new country is like practicing getting married and moving home

– All New people
– All New customs
– All New traditions
– All New food
– Cry when you leave
– Forge new relationships
– Finding out new places to shop, do groceries, etc
– Get homesick
– Make mistakes.
– Too much to discover
– Too much to dislike
– Tread very carefully.

Thats all I can think of right now ….



  1. Yeah I agree 100%
    My advice – give it at least 6 months. It does get better even when you dont see any silver lining!

  2. Moving new towns, new homes is also like that at times….but the cookies are fun and the sip refreshing

  3. I would think its a gr8 experience visiting new places, meeting new people, eating new food, earning more money 🙂 And you always have the option of coming back to your own place at the end of it.

  4. if this is what its like, i wonder if u’ll ever get married… maybe the practice will help…

  5. * Ailya – I totally intend to. and I still hope to see the silver lining 🙂

    * Shreyasi – I guess it is the same with every new move. But thats what gives us more and newer ingredients to make the cookies and ale. 😉

    *Shubhojit – I agree….

    * Someone (He) – lol..I wonder too…and practice makes a human perfect 🙂

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