I – Bad Day is here again

May 6, 2007

All Right. I am succumbing to the grunge feeling. About everyday.
I have to crib. Crib about the day. About the morning.

Thats how I look in my own mind today. (Though to others I am looking awesome as usual)

(Thats how I feel today in my mind. To others I am looking awesome as usual)

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Woke up with a head ache. Opened the refrigerator, only to realize that the milk bottle in the fridge was open. Milk had spilt on the shelf everywhere. While I was mopping that I forgot I had kept tea for boiling on the gas. So that exploded and spilt all over the burner.
All this meant..no time for breakfast.
Then the taxi we had ordered …never turned up. Apparently, he had some accident yesterday.
And today is Sunday. And I am working. And its only 10.30 a.m. yet. Makes me want to skip the rest of today and directly move to tomorrow.
I just wanta go home and sleep.
and when I say home
I mean Andheri (w), Mumbai 53, India.

Foooooooooooo. I feel much better now.



  1. this will make an amazing portfolio… lets put ur new cyber shot to use…

    sending 2349837364648 hugs

    see u soon

  2. Ahh you seem to be feeling awful but this photo, I can’t help but smile!

  3. * Someone (He) – thanks for the hugs…. 🙂

    * Shreyasi – I know! the picture made me laugh like mad. 😀

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