If… I

May 7, 2007

If you are busy doing nothing, does that count as being occupied?

* ———— *

If you know a pessimistic skeptic, is that the same as knowing an optimist?

* ———— *

If you dont agree with what you are doing, but still are doing it very well, does that count as satisfaction of a job well done?

* ———— *

If you cannot be with someone whom you find too intense, does that make you shallow?



  1. ur probably not looking for answers my dear curious cat… but here goes…

    yes, i am occupied doing nothing (read, my free time is not available to anything or anyone)…..

    maybe yes, maybe not… there are realists

    number 3 – “as me if i care” would be more apt i think

    how does “chilled out” sound to u???

  2. * Someone (He) – these were not answers ; these were opinions…and opinions are welcome. 😉

  3. 1. Yes it counts as being occupied because atleast you are busy and not a distraction to others.
    2. A little bit of an optimist yes but not a full fledged one
    3. Well if you are doing well means you are earning well and thats a huge factor in job satisfaction. So maybe you are 90% satisfied 🙂
    4. No it makes you intensely shallow! lol! The word intense remains. 😀

  4. check this out… i loved it.

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