Box of Chocolates

May 8, 2007

He said , “ Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.”
I think I keep getting the half baked ones in all flavors.


Then I thought, let me try asking people, how that statement applied to them.
Here is what I got:

“I would say life is good and that you are coming back ” – Vi

“But you still want the box to be as big and as full as ever! ” – Le

“yes… i would like life to be a pack of m&ms… small bits of happiness in brightly coloured shells and a whole lot of them :D” – Si

“Life is a fart.How it smells depends on what you have eaten !!” – De

“i dont believe in that line, so it cant apply to me (if it is a box of chocolates, you get chocolates only) ….
i think the original line must have been something else… FG made a mistake, nobody realised it” – Am

“I am diabetic no chocolates for me.” – Ma

“Bitter or full of nuts, it will give you a toothache anyway!!” – Ra

“small pieces that are there for the taking…u like (happiness) them or not (Sadness) depends on you” – Gu

“Every bite is a nice surprise” – Me

“Its the unknown that i seek , coz the known make me fear ” – Ga

“mujhe kuch samjha nahi” – Al

“If i am in the Gym working out : Would probably faint by hearing the word chocolate
“If i am in the desert bhooka pyasa for the last 20 days : Would say i dont care…just give me the chocolates
If i am busy doing ” Nothing to do” : Would say that every chocolate wrapper has a description of what is there inside….so just read it and eat it…why break ur head onstupid questions
If i am in my review call: Would say, life is like a condom….the more u use, the greater is the risk of an explosion.
If i am in a Romantic mood : Life is a box of Chocolates. You never know what u get…but ill spend my life time picking up the sweet ones for u….(Very sorry…whenever i try to be romantic, i end up being horribly kinky)
If i am in philosophical mood: ….. Actually i am never in that mood….so difficult to simulate”

“boss – mereko tera question hii nahin samjha…” – An

“hmmmm…box of chocolates..i wud say, m weight watching , so i m not interested” – Mani

“what crap…if I know there are different chocolates, I will pick out only those that I like” – Pr

“Thats y i m afraid of getting married” – Vip

…. more will follow and the post will be updated as people reply.



  1. I am in love with Sh’s sense of homour…..Sh u Rock big time


  2. I’ll grab, snatch do whatever but take the whole box just to ensure I get all the good ones 😀

  3. I live for them anyway…chocolates I mean 🙂

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