II – My life and my life

May 8, 2007

Ok people….another long long post from me…only because I have no work in life.
nothing much to do….sorry let me correct that. NOTHING to do.

right now I am listening to bye bye miss american pie..dum dum.

since the last three weeks here I have.
– visited Jumeriah beach six times.
– visited irish village twice.
– had wine once.
– cooked dinner for myself twice.
– went grocery shopping eleven times
– cursed this city 459759 times
– missed mumbai 5865489569579 times.
– had onion soup thrice
– checked out handsome lebanese boys 18 times
– played squash once
– taken walks on the creek 5 times
– had maggi noodles zero times
– met R and D once.
– sent non-sensical mails 6574 times
– taken the boat ride twice.
– changed my gmail message 12 times.
– spent 65 hours waiting for a taxi.
– wondered what am I doing in life 8 times
– got salary 0.5 times.
– read non sense on wikipedia 78 times
– logged in and out of gmail 59675969576750 times.
– heard baker street 45 times

interesting life eh?

Ok..it wasnt that long…coz dont have much to say …
tata..now going back to doing nothing.


(Thats how I look in my mind these days :D)



  1. Your mind and its pictures 🙂
    well my life hasnt been too different either am getting inspired now!

  2. With so many stats that u are keeping how can u be doing nothing 😀 You checked out Lebanese boys 18 times but went on a boat ride only twice. Was it a group of 9 boys divided into 2 groups! Lol!

  3. awwww i wish i felt half as content as the dog looks right now… boo finals.

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