Looking away …

May 9, 2007


I looked into your eyes, I gave you a chance,
You looked away; mistook it for a fleeting glance.
I waited for a while, as you looked the other way,
Maybe you would see, what I didn’t say.
Finally when I turned, I saw eyes that held my gaze,
And its didn’t hurt that, it wasn’t your face.



  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful picture. And in a strange way, it seems to be saying something to the post I wrote on Aphrodite, no?

  2. Probably he was not sure that the message in her eyes were for him. Probably the beauty of the eyes were so intense that it intimidated his simple being.

  3. and then, did you look away, from that fleeting glance?
    the one that silently offered, to save the last dance.

  4. * Ideasmith – Thanks gurl – hugs.:)

    * Shubhojit – Maybe that would have been true in another world. Wasnt in this one.

    * Wiseling – The music died before the dance began.
    And I never turned back once I ran.

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