101 on 100

May 10, 2007

Just realised I posted my 100th post with my picture below. (Not exactly my idea of what my 100th post should have been..but well…whats done is done)


Keeping in line with the tradition of vanity I shall accept all you ungiven/unsaid/unspoken congratulations.

Yes, please gifts are perfectly acceptable.

Well..yeah..the applause was a little too loud..but I will bear it with a smile.And a little bow to you all.

And yes…the little poem that you composed in my honour can be posted in the comments section. Thank you.



  1. What optimism! Thats what probably keeps u going 🙂 Congrats on your 100th post. Way to go 🙂

  2. Standing ovation

  3. You have the loveliest, loveliest blog. I stayed up late just reading the archives 🙂

  4. some would call it a crime
    and some would call it a rhyme
    but hey, i’ve had to resort to poetry
    coz an arbit someone hit a century 🙂

  5. we should’ve popped a champagne
    the damn throat, what a pain
    now this one’s pending
    girl, u keep it going

  6. * Shubhojit & Shreyasi – Thanks a ton 🙂

    * DC – Wow :D…thats quite something! thanks thanks thanks

    * Manuscyrpts and Someone (He)

    A little bit of your lyrical dose,
    Rhythmic fare compared to prose,
    Gave so much more style to what you had to say
    Thanks for celebrating Ginger Girl’s day.

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