You and me or Me and you?

May 10, 2007


I used to be me, till I met you.
And then I became you.
All the while I thought you were helping me find me. Now I know, that all I found was you.
And I lost me.



  1. I’m going to get me back?

  2. quite capitavating … this piece of art

  3. I love how the picture goes exactly with what you had to say!!

  4. The day you thought you lost yourself, you had actually lost me

  5. and i became u…. so U never got lost, u just moved… like i moved from me to u… muah

  6. *Wiseling – Do I want to get me back?

    * Ailya & Perspective Inc – Thanks 🙂 Wish I had made it.
    I would call it Entwined.

    * Thats me – Because I became you?

    * Someone (He) – If we became each other then do we want to get ourselves back? Or maybe its nicer this way 😉

  7. OMG!!!
    that’s me…
    or at least where i am…
    coz i don’t know where i’ve disappeared to.

    brilliant wording

  8. Brilliant!!!

  9. *Lady & Anki – Thanks 🙂

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