Under the Starlit sky….

May 15, 2007


You let love go. And you thought it would be easy. At least, not difficult.

And then years later, some evening when you are sitting next to a fountain, under a starlit sky, with someone you thought you are in love with, you realize that you cannot be in love anymore.
And you realize it is not easy. Never was.

You let love go. But love did not let you go.


One comment

  1. reminds me of –

    “You can’t kill love. You can’t even kill it with hate. You can kill in-love, and loving, and even loveliness. You can kill them all, or numb them into a dense, leaden regret, but you can’t kill love itself. Love is the passionate serach for a truth other than your own; and once you feel it, honestly and completely, love is forever.” – pg. 740 of Shantaram

    strange this would come from the man with the “expiry date” concept. this quote was on my profile for months

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