Simply Complex

May 16, 2007

He: Don’t do it. Don’t freak the poor guy out.
She: Why should I not do it?
He: Because I am saying so.
She (one eyebrow up): And you think I will agree?
He (laughing at the ceiling): I wish. If only you would, life would be so much easier.
She (jauntily): But then, I wouldn’t be so much fun either.
He (sighing): Yeah, but life would have been so much simpler.
She (still jaunty): What do you want to do with a simple life?
He (simply): Live it.
She (laughing): But it would be boring. You wouldn’t enjoy it.
He (one eyebrow up): Of course I would.
She (smirking): I don’t think so. You like complexity. Everyone does.
He (frowning): That’s rubbish.
She (laughing): Everyone does. We just like to pretend that we do not. And that in itself is our complexity.
He (laughing): Whatever….

And they stride towards the lunch room…..


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