May 17, 2007

Have you ever loved something from the core of your heart and lost it? Just like that?..in a second?
I lose things I love everyday. Just that I get more things to love everyday.
Yeah, thats the bloody problem. It hurts everyday to love new things and lose them again.
Actually not, coz it just numbs you out…and you learn to let go. Plus you have more nice memories
My problem is..I cant let go. Or rather I am tired of letting go.”

He hated it that we are all the masters of clinging. That we cannot let go. That we are afraid to.

I wanted to tell him…

“It takes a lot more strenght to let go than to hang on.
And sometimes we just need to decide what to cling on to. And we mostly get it wrong. “


One comment

  1. :)) Yes, its easier said than done. If only we had the courage to do what is right in life it would have been much simpler to live.

    But when hanging on starts hurting more than what one can bear, may be its sensible to only let go.

    Cud’nt agree more tht we mostly cling on to things that we ourselves know arent meant to be for us. :))

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