Star Blogger

May 21, 2007

I wish the guy who wrote this would start blogging. I would even pay money to be able to read his blog. (this is actually put up in the elevator and at the main entrance of my building)




  1. wow… looks like he needs some English lessons first… 🙂
    a polite veiled threat but at least he asked for co-operation nicely 🙂

  2. let me bring out some such wonders from my kitty…I had preserved some :-p

  3. If u think this one rocks….check the hands-down winner of all http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/26/823087/IMG_0558.jpg

    It was taken at some hotel in Srisailam, Holy place near Hyderabad!!!
    Keep writing!!!

  4. Asish
    This one rocks… I want to stay at this hotel!

  5. is it like the “reading” time vs the “writing” time….

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