Thats it. I call it off.

May 22, 2007

Its ended.

Enough Blogging. Enough spilling myself onto spheres which are not mine.
Enough of baring bits and pieces of me.
Enough of leaving too much said and too much hidden.
Enough of trying to sound intelligent and sane.

I call it off. I break up with Ginger. The love story ends. Right now.




  1. No blogging at all? You can change the tone you know…lets talk about this.

  2. I don’t care if you don’t blog anymore… but you need to continue writing
    Am sure will be attending one of your reading sessions one day :)) amen!

  3. I agree with That’s me…please don’t ever push away the gift you have. You might enjoy it differently and choose to share it with us, the ardent readers, through some other mode/channel

  4. then what else is there equivalent?

  5. hey i came here to tell you that i’m adding you to my blogroll : ) such is life i guess. hope youfind your peace. and keep writing, you’re refreshing.

  6. opps i commented on the wrong post!

  7. * Everyone – Could not stay away . lol
    Full Nautanki I did. 😉

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