Giant Robot, I still love you

May 28, 2007

Its funny how memories run along like a movie in front of my eyes, flashes of scenes so sharp and so vivid, that run along the checkered patterns of a non-spectacular childhood spent in a non-spectacular neighborhood of a bursting, polluted city.

– Six p.m. every Tuesday evening (or was it Thursday? The years have blocked out the days of the week). Time to watch Giant Robot. Time to eat Maggi chicken noodles. Start cooking the 2-minute noodles at 5.50 p.m. so that they are nice and hot and ready by 6.00. six to six thirty – a half hour where the world was ready to be destroyed by some nasty technological villain only to be saved my beloved metal man. Every week!

– Afternoon three p.m. By the Power of the Grey Skull!!!! HEMAAAANNN! Who can forget that war cry? The way we all admired the semi clad Teela and wished for figures like that when we grew up (which we hoped would be soon!). The rush when He-Maaaan triumphed over Skeletor again. My He-Maan

– And oh Vikram and Betaal! And that haunting tune…..

– 12.27 p.m. School bell rings. Phew! Time to run home. The minute the class is released, running to the bus to catch a window seat. Spreading yourself out on the seat to reserve a place for your closest friend who can’t run as fast as you. Fighting over the window seat with her.

– Keeping accounts with her. Hey you owe me 25 paise for the imli that we bought that day outside school. And listen I owe you 50 paise for the bus ticket. So totally I owe you 25 paise. I wonder if they even make those coins now!

– The evening when someone threw an apti bomb on my brothers head! I was so shit scared. The poor guy had blood all over his scalp.

– The evening when K fought with A and me. Over a silly fight that happened on one silly evening. We didn’t talk for 5 years after that! Seems so silly. That fight. K crying. Me and A staring at her.

– The day my tenth standard results were announced. Standing in the window. Waiting for what, I don’t know. K walks by with her mom. Our eyes meet. First awkward acknowledgements after five years. Hi. How did it go? Good. How much did you score? Oh, even I scored that much. Congratulations. You too. Commerce or Science? Commerce mostly. And you. Not decided yet. But mostly Commerce.

– Dying for the Hindi Orchestra during Ganpati days. When the Idol used to be placed in the ground behind my building and five days of pure fun. Of meeting and staying out at night (which then was such a rare phenomenon..ten was actually late!)

– Playing lagori in the ground….. And inventing our own games. Yo!, Statue-Statue, Hills, Trees, Colour Colour.

– Days of playing dabba-ice-spice, red letter A, stop- stop, chor-police.

– Hiding in the building tank closure to change t-shirts so that the denner wouldn’t know who he was catching in stop-stop.

Loads of other things that I am getting bored to type.


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