Its still the same

May 28, 2007

The first book that my 26 year old roomie bought on landing in this country, far away from Mumbai was a Famous Five. Yes. You read right. Enid Blyton.

When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t know how to react. My instant reaction was to crease my brow and say, “huh? Babe have you lost it?”
She shyly smiled and squirmed a bit and baby-whined “What to do? I love it yaar!”

I raised my eyebrows and went O K k k k k k. She said she would be reading late, I said all right, I am sleeping.

Next morning while both my roomies were asleep, I stumbled into the kitchen, fixed myself some breakfast and then yawned my way into the living room.
There…right on the table the book stated at me. Green cover, promise of three Famous five adventures. A caricature of Timmy, Anne and George in one little picture and Dick and Julian in another.
Me: ‘Hey…. It’s them!’
The Other Me: ‘Ya so? Come one babe, your days of famous five are over! Wake up!’
Me: ‘Hmm….says who? I can still flick through a few pages eh?
The Other Me: ‘Are you crazy. You are gonna read Famous Five? Get a grip!’
Me: ‘What’s wrong?”
The Other Me: ‘You are too old and grown up for this!’
Me: Yes, that’s why I am snuggling up in my socks and shorts and mickey mouse t-shirt into the kitchen to eat chocolate crisps for breakfast? And laugh at tom and jerry in the evenings?
The Other Me: ‘Uh oh…’

Next thing I knew, I was snuggled up on the couch pacing through the Famous Five. I can tell you, they are still as charming. 🙂


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