Meant to be?

May 28, 2007

If you and I were so meant to be,
then why is it so difficult for me to see?



  1. Maybe it’s easier to know, feel and dream than see…

  2. Absolutely….with you Shreyasi!!!

  3. somethings have to be believed to be seen… try it!

  4. Wots meant to be is always with reference to the past. We look back and say, “Ah! tht was so meant to be”.

    Wot we forget is that nothing is meant to be with reference to the future. When we say if its meant to be then it will happen, we are givin up the responsibilty of making it work.

  5. *Shreyasi, Kukoo and Deez – Unfortunately Ginger Girl suffers from a believing problem. Something inside refuses to allow her to believe.

  6. Vips – I like that, we are giving up te responsibility of making it work. 🙂
    Kukoo agrees with you big time.

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