Pan Parag and the rest of them

May 28, 2007

With Famous five could not help recollecting all these ads that used to run on Doordarshan (Yes! I actually remember watching DD for sometime….) remember some of them, exact-words-by-exact-words. Wonder how. When I cannot recollect a single ad that I have seen in the last seven years.

o Yeh Bechara..Kaam ke bojh ka maara! Ise chahiye Hamdard Ka tonic Cinkara! ( And the guy breaks the wall and jumps out with his tie flying all over and papers flying here and there)

o Jab main chota baccha tha, badi shararat karta tha. Meri chori pakdi jaatiiiiiiii. Jab roshan hota bajaj!
Ab main bilkul boodha hoon. Goli Khakar Jeeta hoon. Phir bhi aaj ghar ke andarrrrrrrr roshan hota bajaj! (used to always play in the break in the middle of this ghost serial)

o Hum aapse ek baat kehna to bhool hi gaye.
(??? – shocked ashok kumar… dhaan dhaan shocked music.)
Ghabraiye nahi, Hamein kuch nahin chahiye. Bus ye chahate hain ki baratiyon ka swagat paan parag se kiya jaaye.
Oh ho! Pan Parag! Humain kya pata aap bhi paan parag ke shaukin hai!
Pan Parag Paan masala Paan parag. Turraaarara rum.

o Bhaisaab ! ..cant remember the rest of the Surf Ad with the famous Lalita ji. (Didn’t know, decades later would end up working for that brand!)

I have a sudden urge to watch all these ads….


One comment

  1. Oh I dont believe this…I still rattle off all these jingles 🙂 did we grow up together?

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