June is not June…

June 3, 2007

Woke up this June morning to a scalding sun burning down on the desert city. The fire from the sky reflected off shiny fibre glass surfaces of the buildings all around, the heat waves rising above the tops of shiny expensive cars zooming around me and the excessive need to wear sun glasses without which you cannot manage to look out of the window, the heat being reflected off manicured sidewalks brought back a sudden sharp pain.

A desperate longing to feel the excitement of the first rains.
A wish for the warm fuzzy feeling of having special cutting chai on the roadside tapri (the one with the blue traupalin cover propped on top of the chai-wala) while the drizzle gets steadily stronger
A need to crib about the traffic, the pot holes, the dirt, the sloth, the spilling garbage, the wet crowds in the trains, the never resolving traffic.
The stopping by to only stare at the beauty of the wild grey sea on marine drive.
The quiet wordless walks on worli sea-face on beautiful rainy mornings, evenings and nights.
A quiet breakfast at Tea Center and then walking on the wide expanse outside NCPA.
Standing and staring at Cuffe Parade and imagining where the Shantaram slums would be.
Stepping out of the car only to feel the rain drops on my skin.
The fun of sharing an ice-cream in the car while water pounds on the car top and we sit with wet feet and socks.
The smells of the city in the rain. The drenched trees drooping under the weight of the water. The sea wafting over with the breeze.


June is not June without that rainswept sea and those brooding skies.

And reached work to first log onto the net only to read this. Beautifully beautifully beautifully written!! Thanks t. Thanks for putting me into words so impeccably.



  1. NCPA & Cuffe Parade? Ok, so you’re in bbay, but it’s raining here! Am a tad confused… is it not raining in the south of Bbay yet?!

    PS: There’s a bbay blog party happening on Sat 9th (this weekend) in Bandra. Try to come! Details here:

  2. Hang on, this dumb non-blonde just got it – desert city – you’re not in bbay, but missing it. Sigh, apologies for my daftness.

  3. i love getting wet in the rain. it sure is raining, but i am dry. i step out and it doesnt touch me.

    come june, july or august – rain is not rain without …..

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